There is a £2,000 setup fee, payable before the listing goes live on the platform. This contributes towards: content creation, regulatory and compliance costs, a professional Q&A video for the company, and some marketing expenses.

Upon successful closure, we charge:

  • A commission of 4% on investments transacted or introduced via SyndicateRoom; and
  • A 1% annual fee for ongoing services. This spreads the cost of the raise over time and covers ongoing expenses we incur in managing the nominee structure. The fee is paid monthly until our nominee structure is dissolved upon an exit event such as an IPO or whole business sale.

Both fees are charged only in respect of investments transacted through our platform, i.e. in respect of investors that fall under our nominee structure.

Please note that we charge a ‘follow-on’ fee of 4% on any subsequent investment made by a nominee investor.