There is no fee for the deal to be reviewed and, if you meet our criteria, prepared for presentation at our Investment Committee, and for consideration for Fund Twenty8. Our fees only apply once an Engagement Letter has been signed.

There is a £2,000 setup fee, payable before the listing goes live on the platform. This contributes towards the work performed by the SyndicateRoom Analyst and Associate working on your raise. It includes:

  • Content editing of your pitch
  • All financial promotion work, checks, and approvals
  • Legal documents review
  • Ongoing on-call support
  • Attendance at pitch events e.g. SR Live, and online investor webinars
  • Videography editing
  • Marketing the deal to the SyndicateRoom network, and
  • IP review (if required)

Please note that we are able to offer a “speedy boarding” option for £5,000 (depending on availability). Ask us for more information.

Upon successful closure, we charge:

  • A commission of 4% on investments transacted or introduced via SyndicateRoom; and

  • A 1% annual fee for ongoing services for those investors who fall under the SyndicateRoom nominee structure. This is charged pro-rata on a monthly basis, spreading the cost of the raise over time and covering expenses related to the services themselves. This fee is payable for 3 years, after which the company can opt to continue payment for the ongoing services or dissolve the nominee structure.

We do not charge any fees on your lead investment. We also do not charge any fees on monies transacted directly to the company (outside the platform). Please note, the Fund Twenty8 algorithm only factors in investments processed via the SyndicateRoom platform.

We charge a ‘follow-on’ fee of 4% on any subsequent investment made by a nominee investor in a future round. There is also a 0.5% payment processing fee charged by our payments provider on all investments processed via the platform.