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SyndicateRoom will be holding a discussion of the future of crowdfunding on 30th April.

Equity crowdfunding has enjoyed almost celebrity status in the finance press over the last few years. Millions has been invested by people who have never done such things before, pumping much needed capital into startups and SMEs large and small, all over the UK.

But with the excitement has come suspicions of hype. Although still too early to judge, many are asking if investors are heading for serious regrets when businesses go bust or their holdings in a success story get diluted to nothing.

SyndicateRoom, arguably the most intriguing of  ‘the Big Three’ platforms, will be holding a discussion on 30th April about all of these matters and the future of equity crowdfunding generally. Speakers will include Andy Davis (Ex-Editor, FT Weekend), Jonathan Milner (super-angel and lead investor in SyndicateRoom) and Goncalo de Vasconcelos (CEO, SyndicateRoom).

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