The geographic location of businesses still matters in getting financial investment for a good idea – with the number of wealthy investors and partnerships between business organisations and research bodies particularly important.

Mr Armes of Anglia Capital Group said fewer rich investors, a cautious financial sector and little awareness about start-up funding were all restraining factors on the region.

One East Anglian company which has made use of innovative funding techniques is Ipswich-based firm Inform Direct, set up by director Henry Catchpole as a business-to-business software service taking care of a company’s records.

He gained crowdfunding support from Cambridge-based firm Syndicate Room, set up by entrepreneur Goncalo de Vasconcelos, who gave a talk to business leaders on Thursday at a Norfolk Network event held at the Centrum building on Norwich Research Park.

The Syndicate Room operates on the premise that investors should have exactly the same price per share as the experienced business angels who lead the deals. Inform Direct was one of the most successful crowdfunded businesses on the platform, with Mr Catchpole saying it was a particularly special investment model which worked for everyone.

“I am a great supporter of Goncalos and what Syndicate Room offer to both investors and companies looking to raise capital,” said Mr Catchpole.

“His premise, which is refreshingly simple, is that new investors should get exactly the same terms, in terms of price paid and the rights attached to their shares, as everyone else. There is no sweetheart deal for a chosen few.”

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