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“We’re here to put the public back into IPO,” declared SyndicateRoom founder Goncalo Vasconcelos to the bustling audience at the packed Mermaid Theatre last night.

“Why shouldn’t financial services follow the likes of Uber and AirBnB?” asked Vasconcelos. He was speaking at the Bridging the Equity divide launch event, where the crowdfunding platform’s founders revealed the findings of their report on Britain’s investing habits ahead of the launch of a new round of funding.

The aim of his crowdfunding plaftorm is to bring financial services in line with other parts of our lives and make it easier for ordinary people to invest.

The platform's report revealed that equity investment needs to be simplified to attract individuals.

“We give customers what they want: Freedom of choice and access to a fair and transparent platform,” he said.

SyndicateRoom allows private investors to fund start-ups alongside leading investors.

“We are here to give you access to all.”

It is to raise funds through its own crowdfunding platform with the proceeds to be used to support public equity markets offering, following recent membership of the London Stock Exchange.

SyndicateRoom opened its funding round today at 9am, you can register to be part of it here.

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