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From early-stage to IPO


It may not come as a surprise to you that we believe that more is better, and we feel that the more informed investors are, the better job we are doing. We have produced a number of investment guides and reports, which aim to both analyse and inform. The world of equity investing is evolving at a fast-pace, with the internet leading to an increasingly diverse number of platforms offering investment opportunities and an increased access to funding for startup ventures. It has certainly led to a democratisation of the previously closed world of investing, with individuals now more likely than ever to access information and opportunities.

However, there is still a clear knowledge gap. Our guides focus on every stage of investing, from startup to IPO, and everything in between. We have also partaken in a profound analysis of the UK investment market; to see why people invest and what information they feel they are missing. We then use these guides to answer their questions.

Each investment guide is completely free and downloadable as a PDF, so you can take them with you and read them at your leisure.



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