APEXX Global

APEXX Global is a worldwide payment plugin for merchant websites, providing in-depth analytics, surcharge tools and a consultancy service.

The business funded on SyndicateRoom through Access EIS in March 2020.

Paying using the APEXX plugin.

The story

"Our vision is to be the payment industry's most merchant centric provider."

The founders of APEXX, having come from the payments industry, saw merchants being overcharged, under-serviced and encumbered with legacy technology systems. APEXX was built to act as a one-stop-shop for all merchant payment needs.

On its surface, APEXX’s ‘Gateway’ is a simple website plugin for payments that works worldwide. APEXX negotiates rates with acquirers and payment service providers to achieve the best pricing on every product. Other services include AI-driven fraud management, reconciliation tools, direct currency conversion, multi-currency pricing and local payout products

APEXX Analytics.

The APEXX Analytics platform tracks amount, currency and clearing status, as well as metadata like customer and device information, geo-location and issuer country, which can then be filtered and produced in customisable reports.

The APEXX Consultancy service partners with Bank Brokers to review banking service costs, loans, and treasury associated costs. They leverage other transactional traffic under the APEXX umbrella to deliver the best possible rates.

APEXX reveals statistics about transaction times and amounts.

The APEXX Surcharge Inspector tool allows merchants to inspect every processed transaction for applicable surcharge and charge the maximum applicable amount in real time. Merchants can avoid losing out on surchargeable cost on corporate and non-EU cards, which could amount to many thousands per year, without running the risk of breaking EU regulations

More information can be found on the APEXX Global website.

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