Sook Space

Sook Space takes small, customisable spaces in central locations and makes them rentable by the hour. Sook spaces are anything you want them to be. Pop up, event space, or a place to chill. Meditation in the morning, art exhibition at midday, latest film releases in the evening.

The business funded on SyndicateRoom through Access EIS in February 2020.

The story

"It is currently too expensive to occupy retail space on the high street. It means that only the biggest businesses survive and local brands lose out. Without having to make a 12 month plus commitment retailers will be able to experiment with space to compliment their online sales."

The space can be customised using coloured lights, TV screens, sound system, chairs and tables. Companies can easily upload their own images or video from Sook’s website to display on screens around their rented space.

A Sook Space as a meeting room

Examples of how the spaces have been used include product images for pop-up shops, calming landscapes for yoga classes and photo albums for discos.

For more use examples, see the Sook Space website.

A Sook Space as a yoga studio

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