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Our Mission.

Our mission is to mitigate the risks of investing in startups and make it more accessible to experienced and first-time investors alike; to give fledgling businesses with world-changing ideas the support they need to succeed and to truly capture the return potential of the UK startup market.

What do we do?

We’re a venture capital firm that uses data and diversification to maximise return potential. To do this we created the Access EIS fund: a uniquely data-driven approach to investing in startups that co-invests with the business angels we’ve identified as the top performing in the UK to gain access to the most promising investment opportunities. Access then builds a portfolio large enough to capture the annual growth in the UK startup market.

Our data.

We spent two years indexing and analysing the UK’s startup and scale-up market using data from Companies House and other sources. Our findings uncovered that the market as a whole consistently grows at around 28%, but that there are a subset of investors whose returns far exceed the market. You can read the full description of our data analysis and how it led to the creation of Access in our whitepaper.

Meet the team.

Graham Schwikkard Graham Schwikkard, CEO

Graham Schwikkard
Simone Koo Simone Koo, Non executive Director

Simone Koo
Non executive Director
Francesca O'Brien Francesca O'Brien, Partner (Risk)

Francesca O'Brien
Partner (Risk)
Jonathan Milner Jonathan Milner, Shareholder

Jonathan Milner
Tom Britton Tom Britton, Co-founder

Tom Britton
Miruna Girtu Miruna Girtu, Venture partner

Miruna Girtu
Venture partner

The super angels.

Our research on the UK startup market and its investors identified a group of angel investors who consistently outperformed the market. As a group these angels, who we have dubbed the “super angels”, averaged 42% year on year portfolio growth, not including any tax reliefs they may have received from EIS, demonstrating an ability to consistently invest in companies with high potential.

EIS vc VCT comparison with EIS in front.

You can read more about our super angels here.

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