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We’re a fintech company made up of data-scientists, investment professionals, software developers and marketers with one mission: to be an early investor in every British startup success story.

To do this – and make fund investors money – we don’t try to spot the next Big Thing.

Instead, we apply a data-driven model to portfolio construction; a repeatable process designed to maximise returns and minimise risk for fund investors. As such, we build startup portfolios that don’t attempt to predict the future; they work to stack the odds in investors’ favour.

Being fundamentally data-driven, our approach has evolved over the years, and can be summarised by our 5 rules for successful startup investing.


There is no magic bullet to predict startup success. There are simply too many random variables involved to consistently pick future “blockbusters” based on information available at seed stage.


Diversification is more powerful than you might think. Not only does it manage risk, it also maximises chances of investing in future blockbuster companies.


The startup market grows consistently in value at 28% per year. The more you diversify, the closer your portfolio should get to this growth rate.


Blockbuster companies tend to have been funded by well-networked investors whose performance beats the market. Accessing these deals is vital to generate returns in a startup portfolio.


Take advantage of EIS tax relief. If you are an eligible investor, you could receive up to 61.5% of your investment back through tax relief.
Evidence-based startup investing

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Graham Schwikkard Graham Schwikkard, CEO

Graham Schwikkard
Tim Bellis Tim Bellis, Chairman

Tim Bellis
Francesca O'Brien Francesca O'Brien, Head of clients & investments

Francesca O'Brien
Head of clients & investments
Jonathan Milner Jonathan Milner, Non executive Director

Jonathan Milner
Non executive Director
Tom Britton Tom Britton, Co-founder

Tom Britton
Miruna Girtu Miruna Girtu, Venture partner

Miruna Girtu
Venture partner
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