SyndicateRoom connects ambitious investors with highly vetted startups. Handpick the businesses that spark your interest or diversify automatically through our intelligent EIS funds.

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How we got here

SyndicateRoom started when co-founders Gonçalo de Vasconcelos and Tom Britton, then studying for their MBAs at Cambridge Judge Business School, saw that things were hugely unequal for people in the UK who wanted to invest some of their money in exciting young businesses. Where big institutional investors were able to get in on the ground floor of these trailblazing startups, investors like you were getting locked out.

They wanted to build a network through which people could invest in sophisticated startup opportunities from all sectors on the same terms as family offices and VCs.

Thus the investor-led model was born. It means that on SyndicateRoom, a named professional leads every deal, doing expert due diligence, investing their own capital and negotiating the terms on behalf on all SyndicateRoom investors, making sure your interests are represented.

We also ensure that our investors retain legal protections such as pre-emption rights, giving you the opportunity to maintain your shareholding the next time the company raises money rather than having your stake in the business diluted.

Meet our team

We're a tech company made up of developers, marketers and analysts all working towards a single shared goal: to unite serious investors with the best businesses in the country.

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Gonçalo de Vasconcelos

Co-founder and CEO

A serial entrepreneur himself, Gonçalo has a vision of how to help great entrepreneurs to fulfil their dreams and that vision is called 'SyndicateRoom'. He is passionate about giving investors access to the top deals into which experienced business angels are investing their own money. This is what drives his vision for SyndicateRoom.

Francesca O'Brien

Head of Private Markets

Fran is responsible for managing the private deals listed on SyndicateRoom. She joined SyndicateRoom to immerse herself in the unique challenge that comes from working at an ambitious, rapidly growing company, within an exciting and disruptive industry.

Miruna Girtu

Strategic Partnerships Manager

After studying Economics at UCL, International Business in Rome and Management at Cambridge Judge Business School, Miruna joined SyndicateRoom as an Investment Associate. After demonstrating unparalleled skill in matchmaking, in 2016 she became the company's Strategic Partnerships Manager.

James Sore

Chief Investment Officer

James heads up the investment team at SyndicateRoom as Chief Investment Officer. His key responsibilities include deal attraction, selection and management, as well as growing and managing our rapidly expanding investor network.

Tom Britton

Co-founder and CTO

Born in Los Angeles, Tom moved to the UK to play football and after three fairly successful years realised it was time to focus on his non-sporting career. Before joining SyndicateRoom as a co-founder Tom worked in product development on a number of software-based projects including managing the development of the mobile applications for TheTrainline.

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