Save time fundraising.

You started your business to solve a problem - to build your vision of the world. You probably didn't start it to spend weeks and months fundraising.

We commit to invest within 10 days of receiving materials from you.

Keep your existing terms.

We're a founder-friendly VC. We're not going to re-negotiate your valuation or impose additional terms. We're not after a board seat, either. We just ask that we get the same terms as the super angel we follow into the round.

Low, transparent fees.

Unlike legacy EIS funds who'll charge you an arm and a leg for investing, we only charge companies a small, one-off fee of 2% of our investment to help cover some of our costs. And that's it.

Our investment criteria.

  • We co-invest alongside top-performing angel investors. We call them "super angels".
  • Super angels are people we identify to have a track-record of spotting potential before others do. We don't publish their names for privacy reasons, but feel free to get in touch with our investment analysts and we can have a look at who's investing in your round (or already on your cap table) to see if you have a qualifying super angel on board.
  • We invest in funding rounds between £400,000 and £5m.
  • Your business should be UK incorporated and EIS eligible.
  • Please note that we no longer run crowdfunding campaigns. We moved to a VC fund model in 2019.

What companies are saying.

Working with SR was an absolute pleasure and hassle and stress-free. The process was frictionless and was relatively unique across the other institutions we have encountered through our fundraising. For once the value-add exists and is exceptional in terms of the support network and strategic introductions.


SyndicateRoom were part of our seed funding investor syndicate. The interaction with them was straightforward and transparent, and we were able to reach a deal very quickly. We are happy to have them on board as one of our investors.


The fundraising experience with SyndicateRoom was great! when raising funds communication and trust are the main key elements. We developed a great relationship with SR from the start and established a great communication channel. The team has been great and we're excited to have them as investors


We appreciated the efficiency of how SyndicateRoom conducted their diligence and the speed of them making a decision. Ultimately that's what you want with any discussion you have with an investor. We have found SyndicateRoom's approach to be very company-friendly.


The fundraising experience with SyndicateRoom was fast and efficient. From commitment to investment, the process was clear and a lot of typical admin processes were removed. Loved working with the team!


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