How does it work?

Access EIS co-invests with angel investors who have demonstrated a consistent ability to invest in successful startups. The current collective average IRR of our super angel network is 42%.

This means that our process of backing companies is highly selective, and we do not accept invitations to invest from companies unless they are associated with an angel that meets our criteria. For more on our investment model, visit our fund page.

Companies are welcome to contact us to see whether a qualifying angel is currently investing in their round.

To find out more about the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and advance assurance for companies, see our EIS for companies page.

Our model

We are the only EIS fund that builds our investors large portfolios of 50+ companies per year. We're able to do this thanks to our co-investment model and the high quality deal flow it gives us access to, along with our streamlined investing process.

Our investment criteria.

  • There is an eligible top-performing angel investor participating in the round who meets our co-investment criteria. Our fund would ask to invest on the same terms as the angel.
  • The company is UK registered and EIS eligible.
  • The company is raising a straight equity round or has an equity portion of the round that our fund can invest in. We can invest in ASAs in specific circumstances.
  • The company is raising at least £400,000 in their current round from other investors and within a six months period. Our ticket size does contribute towards the £500,000 minimum round size.
  • This is either the first round the company is raising or the pre-money valuation in this current round is greater than the one in the most recent round.
  • The pre-money valuation is less than £16m.

Ten day turnaround.

You started your business to solve a problem - to build your vision of the world. You probably didn't start it to spend weeks and months fundraising.

We commit to invest within ten days of receiving materials from you.

Keep your existing terms.

We're a founder-friendly VC. We're not going to re-negotiate your valuation or impose additional terms. We're not after a board seat, either. We just ask that we get the same terms as the super angel we follow into the round.

One-off fee.

Unlike legacy EIS funds who'll charge you an arm and a leg for investing, we only charge companies a small, one-off fee of £2,200 to help cover some of our costs. And that's it.

Our service

The feedback we’ve received from the startups we’ve backed has emphasised our ability to add value, keep the process streamlined and frictionless, and to get the deal done as quickly as possible while remaining attuned to the specific needs and deadlines of each company.

We are a founder-friendly VC, we will not try to renegotiate your valuation or impose additional terms, or demand a seat on your board. Our only stipulation is that we invest on the same terms as the angel we follow into the round.

We’re pleased to report that we currently have a Net Promoter Score of 93%.

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What companies are saying.

Working with SR was an absolute pleasure and hassle and stress-free. The process was frictionless and was relatively unique across the other institutions we have encountered through our fundraising. For once the value-add exists and is exceptional in terms of the support network and strategic introductions.


SyndicateRoom were part of our seed funding investor syndicate. The interaction with them was straightforward and transparent, and we were able to reach a deal very quickly. We are happy to have them on board as one of our investors.


The fundraising experience with SyndicateRoom was great! when raising funds communication and trust are the main key elements. We developed a great relationship with SR from the start and established a great communication channel. The team has been great and we're excited to have them as investors.


SR were a delight to work with. From start to finish, they were quick to introduce SR and how they work. Following that, the rest of the journey was smooth as ever. I will be highly recommending SR!


The SyndicateRoom team were a pleasure to work with from start to finish. The process was transparent, frictionless, and quick - extremely valuable traits during the fundraise process!


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