Early-stage equities: A long-term study

Last year’s Rise of the Growth Hunters report looked at a cohort of companies that raised seed or venture funding in 2011. We followed up with 519 of these companies, based on data from independent research agency, Beauhurst, to explore how they have developed over the past 12 months.


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The Syndicate: Scaling up

This Q1 2018 issue is all about scale-ups. In it, we draw on the latest industry research to hear stories of companies as they scale, learn about how investors can help their early-stage investments succeed, and see where there's still room for improvement.


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Top 100: Britain's fastest-growing businesses

The Top 100 report registers some of the most promising scale-ups operating in the UK today, spanning sectors as diverse as transportation, professional services and supply chain management.

As well as featuring some key statistics around high-growth businesses in the UK, we spoke with the entrepreneurs behind ten of the Top 100 to learn about their experience of raising finance, the biggest hurdles they’ve had to overcome on their journey and what investors have brought to the table beyond finance.


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The Syndicate: Due diligence

The first issue of our relaunch of The Syndicate, the magazine for individual investors, launched Q4 2017. In it we’ll endeavour to comment on the state of UK investing, discover new trends and explore how our industry is changing.

Through The Syndicate you will meet angels and entrepreneurs, as well as get to know your fellow SyndicateRoom investors and gain insights into how our portfolio companies are developing. We hope you love it.


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The due diligence guide for investors

Equity crowdfunding offers investors the chance to back new private companies by buying their shares online and thereby funding them. These shares are illiquid, as there is no marketplace for them until the companies are purchased or go public. So, it is important to do your research before you invest.

Compiled by Rob Murray Brown in conjunction with SyndicateRoom, The Due Diligence Guide for Investors helps you cover due diligence checks; what to look for and what to avoid.


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Tax-efficient investing in a digital world

Demand for tax-efficient products like EIS is burgeoning, with the wealthiest investors already putting their money to work in these schemes – and online platforms are investors’ first port of call.

The message from investors is loud and clear: give us access to diverse investments and tax incentives, or we’ll look elsewhere.

This report features an analysis of UK investor trends, EIS investment case studies and a four-page EIS cheat sheet that gives you an outline of EIS tax relief, including three practical examples of EIS at work.


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Rise of the growth hunters

Investor returns have been dwindling for years in the popular asset classes, with recent global events like Brexit and Trump adding more volatility to the markets. The low-yield investor environment we’re experiencing is the new normal.

And people are being seriously affected by it.

Rise of the Growth Hunters provides a comprehensive body of evidence for the long-term returns and significant growth potential of early-stage investing.


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How to start up investing in startups

In the UK, more than 50,000 new companies launch every month; in the US, this figure surpasses 500,000. With so many startups entering the ring, everyone is eager to be in with a chance of spotting the next Facebook. But early-stage investing is different from backing any other asset class and very high risk.

Before you dive in, you need to nail the fundamentals. This guide will show you how.


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Bridging the equity divide

This 2016 report reveals that only a small percentage of British residents hold equity investments in either private or public companies. This means that millions of people are still being left out – and their long-term wealth is suffering.


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