Access EIS

Access EIS aims to build you a diversified portfolio of 50+ companies by co‑investing exclusively with some of the UK’s best-performing angel investors.

Automatically invest alongside super angels - the UK's best-performing startup investors

Automatically invest alongside super angels - the UK's best-performing startup investors.

Diversify across 50+ startups to replicate the super angels' collective performance

Diversify across 50+ startups to replicate the super angels' collective performance.

£5,000 minimum investment

Get started in 10 minutes and invest from £5,000 with clear, transparent fees.

Get digital EIS certficiates with easy export from HMRC self-assessment

Get digital EIS certficiates with easy export from HMRC self-assessment.

Past performance:

Given the super angels’ access to top-tier deals, our research suggests that investing alongside them would have yielded strong portfolio growth. The figures in the graph below refer to simulated past performance. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

Simulated capital growth of a £10k investment in 2014, valued in 2018

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EIS funds: The performance of EIS funds is based on independent research carried out by XPM Investment Consulting in July 2019. It is based on the average value growth of the portfolios of three highly popular EIS funds between 2014 and 2019. It’s important to note that this is not measuring the performance of specific funds but rather the average growth of companies they have invested in.

Market growth: The overall market growth is the normalised growth of 1,168 startups that raised equity funding in 2014. Subsequent valuation data was calculated by taking the latest valuation at which the companies raised funding.

Access EIS: The hypothetical portfolio growth of Access EIS was arrived at by simulating a fixed-sum investment into every deal that our initial shortlist of super angels invested in during 2014 (93 angels in July 2019). It’s important to note that Access EIS is aiming to invest in 50 of the super angels’ deals and is unlikely to invest in all the deals a given super angel invests in. However, based on our calculations, a sample of 50 investments from their collective portfolios is large enough to be representative of the performance of their entire collective portfolios. Also, we’ve modelled random samples of only 20 of the super angel investors and found that they invest frequently enough - and in a diverse enough manner - to create a representative fund. The Access EIS simulation has not assumed pre-emption rights have to be taken up in subsequent funding rounds.

Target returns:

The favourable, moderate and unfavourable scenarios model various levels of access to the top-performing companies (see Prospectus for more full methodology).

The examples below assume a £10,000 investment, after fees and excluding EIS tax relief. Assuming £10,000 investment, after fees and excluding EIS:

The list of super angels:

At the time of writing (October 2019), over 40 super angels have agreed to co-invest with SR and we continue to form partnerships with more.

The following list indicates some key information about an illustrative selection of the super angels who have agreed to work with us. Their names have been redacted for privacy reasons.

Confirmed deal sharing? IRR* Number of investments** Notable investments
Yes 29% 20 Bloom & Wild
Yes 57% 50 Audio Analytics, Neul
Yes 47% 33 RotaGeek, Resi
Yes 144% 14 Magic Pony Technology, Streetbees
Yes 103% 5 SmartUp
Yes 40% 14 Rota, Glider Yachts
Yes 35% 8 what3words
Yes 161% 86 Magic Pony Technology, JustInvesting
Yes 30% 7 iwoca, Landbay
Yes 76% 12 Vantage Power, EnteroBiotix
Yes 61% 13 CensorNet, Cortexica
Yes 90% 12 Smartframe Technologies,
Yes 100% 8 Uncover, Velocity
Yes 65% 6 Cambridge Quantum Computing, Simba Sleep
Yes 42% 13 Graphene Composites, what3words
Yes 54% 22 Atom, Burrow
Yes 77% 27 Horizon Discovery, Healx
Yes 46% 22 Achica, Everpress, Settled, Unbound
Yes 63% 11 Secret Escapes, Swoon Edition, Trouva
Yes 36% 61 Ecodesk, Stockpedia, Resi
Yes 73% 10 Kaptivo, Unbound, Healx
Yes 57% 19 Carwow
Yes 34% 11 Streetbees, Touchlight Genetics
Yes 47% 15 Up Learn, Lein Applied Diagnostics
Yes 174% 7 Raremark, Sorex Sensors
Yes 36% 10 Divido, Lightpoint Medical
Yes 63% 31 Dressipi, ViewRanger
Yes 58% 26 Recycling Technologies
Yes 72% 9 Smart Pension, Clippings
Yes 44% 7 Urban Jungle
Yes 33% 7 Sky Medical Technology
Yes 90% 12 Antaco, Shuttle

* Access EIS modelled IRR based on fixed sum investments into all deals between January 2014 - December 2018

** Number of investments made to date (from Companies House filings May 2019)

Download the Prospectus:

Read the full prospectus to learn more about the fund, including...

  • In-depth analysis on the fund's investment strategy
  • Where our data comes from
  • How we compiled our index of best-performing super angels
  • Target returns and exit strategy
  • Full breakdown of fees to investors
  • FAQs regarding deal sourcing, tax relief, fund structure, pre-emption rights and much more

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