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  1. Invest in 50 exciting startups.
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  3. Target returns of £3.50 on each £1 invested.
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graph showing potential investment growth over 7 years Projected cash returns over a 7 year period assuming a £10,000 initial investment. Startups are high risk investments. See here for less favourable scenarios.

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In May 2020, Access EIS invested alongside Twitter founder Biz Stone into OXWASH to bring space-age technology to the polluting laundry industry.

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Reduce your tax bill.

  • Get 30p back in tax relief per £1 invested with the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS). Eligible investors only.
  • Tax relief applies to the tax year shares are issued, or can be carried back one tax year.
  • Additional loss relief, IHT relief and no capital gains tax on profits for eligible investors.
Tax-efficient investing

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