SyndicateRoom connects ambitious investors with the country’s most trailblazing companies. Started in 2013, SyndicateRoom has rapidly grown to have more than 100 high-growth businesses in its portfolio. By relentlessly focusing on the interests of private investors, SyndicateRoom has developed a trusted reputation and has been recognised as Best Investment Platform at the Growth Investor Awards two years running.

SyndicateRoom. You’re in good company.

Private funding rounds

Equity crowdfunding has democratised investment in startups, helping entrepreneurs make their visions a reality and allowing individuals to invest and become real-life ‘Dragons’.

While many online investment platforms have sprung up, at SyndicateRoom we have developed a unique model with benefits you can’t find anywhere else.

We only list companies that are already backed by professional investors such as business angels, venture capitalists and family offices, who are investing their own money (or money they professionally manage) and thus have taken an active role in evaluating the strength of the deal. We then offer our members the same economic terms for the SyndicateRoom raise if they decide to invest alongside these professionals.

We believe this curated and transparent approach allows our members access to a more sophisticated set of investment opportunities.

Why is it valuable to have an angel investor on board?

Just like on Dragon’s Den, business angels often provide companies with more than just cash – they contribute expert advice, experience and an invaluable network of contacts. Moreover, a business angel will also negotiate a fair valuation and ensure they have favourable terms (including pre-emption rights, voting rights, and tag-along and drag-along rights) before they invest their own money in a deal.

With other equity crowdfunding platforms, it is often the entrepreneur who creates a pitch and provides a valuation. While this is a typical starting point for a young company raising finance, we like to give our members the reassurance that the companies listed on our site have undergone the rigour of review by a professional investor as well.

What does ‘same economic terms’ mean?

At SyndicateRoom, we are passionate about investor rights and building a transparent equity investing model.

For instance, even if a company is backed by a professional investor, if the shares on offer are being sold under different terms (such as under a different class) then that effectively alters the value of the deal.

This is never the case on SyndicateRoom. By subscribing our members to the same economic terms as a business angel, we ensure they are signing up to nothing less than the deal a professional investor would back.


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