In August 2014, Aeristech successfully raised £235,000 to produce a proof-of-concept product prototype for its advanced boosting technology. 

The Story

Although boosting technology is probably best known for making cars more powerful, it can also be used to make a smaller engine produce the same power as a larger engine, thus saving fuel and, since the two are inextricably linked, reducing CO2 emissions too.

Aeristech is entering this market at a time when tightening CO2 legislation is pushing the automotive industry, in the near term at least, towards engine downsizing. Led by CEO, Founder and Inventor Bryn Richards, Aeristech produces higher-pressure and faster-response turbochargers and superchargers, which provide a greater degree of engine downsizing at a lower cost than the competition. The business has drawn grants to the value of almost £1m from funds including the Technology Strategy Board, the Carbon Trust and Shell Springboard

The lead investors in this round were Steve Cheetham and Mike Woodroffe  both engineering professionals.


Aeristech - Ghost View


Where are they now?

Aeristech won 'Best Investment in an Eco Innovation Business' at the UKBAA Awards in July 2015.

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