Apta Biosciences Ltd



In August 2015, Apta Biosciences completed its second round of funding, raising £964,550 to support product development for its new generation of special molecules.

The Story

Medical research, diagnostics and therapeutics are multi-billion dollar markets, into which Apta Biosciences is bringing breakthrough, disruptive technology that has the potential to transform the life sciences and healthcare industries.

Since its last raise, Apta has created a new generation of synthetic molecules called Seligos. Seligos are a kind of affinity reagent, which bind to specifically targeted cells in order to identify, track, capture and influence their activity to identify and treat diseases. The company is harnessing the advantages of Seligos to create new products.

The team was recently joined by Harvard academic and investor Professor Teo Forcht-Dagi, now Executive Director, whose fund has returned a staggering $6bn from $17m invested in 11 early stage companies.

This round was led by The Danish Business Angel Fund – a consortium of business angels comprising members of Business Angels Copenhagen, as well as senior executives from the life science industry (including biotech), successful entrepreneurs and company builders.

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Where are they now?

Apta is on track with its business plan, and experienced an increase in its valuation for its second round of investment. The company has obtained partnerships across the globe, including Karolinska, A-STAR, VIB, ETC, Sysmex, Perkin Elmer, Biotechne, Arkray and others. Furthermore, Apta is in the process of collaborating with hospitals, corporate partners and local institutions at proof of concept stage.


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