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Bactest’s second raise overfunded to £301,760, enabling the company to accelerate the commercialisation of its two products, Shepherd and Speedy Breedy, which are designed to turn microbial activity into data.

The Story

Described by The Telegraph as ‘a little purple contraption, no bigger than an old-fashioned radio’, Speedy Breedy tests for contamination in hours, saving time by removing the need to send tests off to a laboratory. Its younger sibling, Shepherd, gives water processing plant operators accurate and timely information that enables them to better manage aeration, cut energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint. This product is currently deployed and working at Anglian Water. Both are out of prototype stage and generating revenue.

Bactest has a patent portfolio of 10 patents some granted, some pending and has plans to file more intellectual property to protect its product lines.

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Where are they now?

Bactest has now recruited 36 distributors for Speedy Breedy, selling the product into a number of markets across the world, as well as further members for its own team.

The company has also won numerous awards, including the Open Innovation Forum Award on Food and Drink, an Excellence Awards from Food and Drink Matters, a BlueTech Research innovation Award, the Innovation Award at the 2014 Food and Beverage Association Awards and the 2014 SME of the Year Award. Bactest was also a Shell Springboard winner in February 2015, winning a prize of £40,000.


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