Niume Limited


After overfunding to £156,143 within two weeks, Niume is planning to accelerate growth and follow in the footsteps of industry giant Tumblr, which was acquired by Yahoo! for $1.1 billion.

The Story

In December 2012, Daniel Gennaoui, Francesco Facca and Alex Hughes brought together their mathematical know-how to create algorithms which form the best content. The result was Niume, a disruptive ‘collaborative blogging’ platform which launched in July 2014.

Content creators post in collaborative blogs called 'Spheres' with pre-existing large audiences. These spheres cover almost every interest area, but the highest engagement so far has been in Travel, Photography, Art and News with several reaching close to 1,000,000 views.

This round was SEIS-eligible and led by angel investor Simon Thorpe.

Where are they now?

Niume is growing by 20% each month with 11,000 content creators and a monthly readership of over 500,000 as of August 2015. Six clients from the UK and the USA have already been signed, and its spheres have been shared by many notable names including the BBC, Lonely Planet and Andy Murray. Furthermore, Niume is generating revenue from its content marketing services, and the company has forecast  that these revenues will soon cover most of the running costs of the platform.



August 2017 update: Niume Limited are currently in liquidation.


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