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In June 2014, Time for Medicine successfully raised £330,000 to further expand its offering, using cloud technology to bring specialist medical diagnoses to patients in primary care or at home.

The Story

Time for Medicine uses web and cloud technology to bring specialist medical diagnoses and treatments to patients at home, in pharmacies and in their GP’s surgeries. Their telehealth solution allows patients to interact remotely with a specialist, speeding up diagnosis.

The company is headed by Clive Minihan, Finance Director and Joint Managing Director. Clive has worked with growth companies in the UK and USA for the last twenty years, and previously held senior positions in the Burton Group and BP. 

During the last 12 years, five companies in which Clive Minihan has been involved have exited for combined proceeds of over £130m. During 2012 two of these, both venture capital backed, were sold; Sirigen for $54m and Meciria for £20m, yielding five times and six times returns for investors respectively.

The round was led by Nadia Crandall and Mr Robert Kay.


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What’s the latest?

In July 2015, Time for Medicine launched a new online triage and sexual health testing service with Provide, a social enterprise organisation that delivers community healthcare services across Essex.


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