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Warwick Analytics’ successful raise of £390,000 will create more jobs as the company hires additional technical and sales staff to complement its growth.

The Story

Warwick Analytics is hoped to be the latest in a series of successful exits achieved independently by CEO Dan Somers and CTO Jason Noble. Created to address revenue loss from business inefficiencies, or the ‘Cost of Poor Quality’ (COPQ), the company’s product is a spin-out of Warwick University's Digital Lab which automates the otherwise lengthy, manual process of identifying these inefficiencies from data, even without a hypothesis.


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Where are they now?

Warwick Analytics’ unique approach has already attracted many big name customers, namely VW Group, Rolls-Royce, Airbus, Novartis, Pfizer, Aston Martin and Superdrug. It has also won a number of awards, including:

- 2013 DEMO God - one of Silicon Valley’s most prestigious startup awards

- SAP’s Global Award for Most Innovative Partner

- Frost & Sullivan’s Global Manufacturing Software Award 2014


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