Zap ___Go _4Zap&Go’s second round of funding on SyndicateRoom raised its maximum capacity of £988,090 – a staggering 399% of the funds required. This Lift Round has enabled the ultra-fast charging battery booster to enable Zap&Go to work on upgraded prototypes.

The Story

We are all increasingly dependent on digital and mobile devices that rely on slow-charging lithium batteries. When we lose charge, we lose connectivity.

Zap&Go provides a portable source of power. While such technologies exist, charging times are equal to that of a normal phone charger. Using supercapacitor technology and graphene, Zap&Go takes just five minutes to charge, so that you can keep your devices at full-battery on the go after a minimal wait. Zap&Go tested the market with a campaign on Indiegogo in 2014, securing advance orders from 1300 customers with a value of $120,000.


Zap Go -in -Power -Outlet


Where are they now?

Zap&Go’s product is currently at prototype stage, but has already been awarded the 2015 Product of the Year at the London Innovators Awards.


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