Hello and welcome to SyndicateRoom, the only equity investment platform where you can invest in both private and public market opportunities.

Because we’re regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, we need to make sure that only people who know what they’re doing and who have the means to invest do so. This means that before you can see any of our live private market opportunities, you need to sign up and tell us you’re either a sophisticated investor or high-net-worth individual. This is free, easy and takes all of one minute – just click here and fill out a few details to see what we have on offer.

So, you’ve signed up, picked an opportunity to invest in and done your due diligence. What next?

We want you to be completely at ease using our platform, so we’ve put together this straightforward guide of how our investment process works, complete with screenshots.

This is what happens after you click ‘invest’.

Choose how much you want to invest

Review documents and SEIS/EIS options

Confirm address and payment details

Receive confirmation

The investment process

Step 1: Choose your investment amount

After you click 'invest' on an opportunity, a window will appear asking you how much you want to invest in your chosen opportunity. Type in the amount you want to invest and hit ‘calculate’. As we only offer whole shares, this will calculate the investment amount nearest the figure you entered, and show you the exact amount you’ll be investing and the number of shares you will receive.

How to invest - step 1

Step 2: Review investment articles and select S/EIS relief

We want you to be fully informed on the terms of your investment. On this next page, you will need to read and agree to all the asterisked points before you can continue with your investment; you can click the text highlighted in red to read the terms and conditions, subscription and shareholders agreement, and articles of association. If your chosen opportunity is EIS/SEIS eligible, you will get the option to check the relevant EIS/SEIS boxes to claim relief.

You’ll also be prompted to download the subscription agreement and confirm that you’ve read it by checking the box.

Once you’ve read all the documents and checked all asterisked boxes, a red button will appear, enabling you to confirm and proceed with your investment.

How to - step 2

Step 3: Enter your payment details

Next comes the ‘payment details’ page. Here you’ll be able to check your investment amount, share price and the number of shares you are investing in before filling out your personal details: date of birth*, nationality*, address*, income range and occupation (the asterisked fields are obligatory). If you’ve already added this information to your profile, you’ll skip this step and be prompted to fill out your card details.

You can then pay for your chosen amount of shares via debit card or follow the link at the bottom of the form to proceed via BACS transfer. It is not possible to pay via credit card.

SyndicateRoom uses MangoPay to process transactions. You can read more about Mangopay here.

Enter your payment details

Step 4: Your investment is confirmed

Once the round finishes, SyndicateRoom will get underway with the completion process. This includes some legal processes and checks to ensure that lead investment has reached the company's account (your money will only transact once the rest of the investment is in place) as well as identity checks on investors. Unless you hear otherwise, there's nothing you need to do at this point.

Once the above is done (usually 14 days, but can take longer depending on how long other investors take to transact), you'll receive your Confirmation of Investment and the nominee will begin the process of arranging your S/EIS certificates.

The Confirmation of Investment ought to reach you in about one month. The process of applying for S/EIS certificates includes several steps involving HMRC; as such, it's likely that you'll receive your EIS in three to four months.

The SyndicateRoom nominee

SyndicateRoom operates a nominee structure. This means we group together all individual investments and they are held through a nominee, to manage the administrative burden for you and the companies that raise finance on SyndicateRoom. Whilst the SyndicateRoom nominee is the legal owner of the shares, you remain their beneficial owner and retain full economic rights to them.

In practice, the nominee focuses the flow of communication between investors and the companies they have invested in, resulting in a faster and more efficient process.

Cancelling your investment

To cancel your investment, please email [email protected] with your request.

Once you’ve paid, you have seven days to cancel your investment.

Want to learn more?

Visit our FAQ section to find out a bit more about how the different parts of SyndicateRoom slot together. Alternatively, download our guide to startups to learn more about early-stage investing.