What is real estate investing?

Commercial or residential real estate can be a profitable asset to hold in any portfolio for both short- and long-term strategies. Property investments can range as far and wide as buying undervalued properties, renovating and selling for a profit, to buying a share of a commercial property through a peer-to-peer property-focused crowdfunding website where the property is managed, and rented out, by the platform.

Further, there are a number of tax-efficient vehicles designed for the property asset class. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS) and the Innovation ISA offer tax breaks to those who invest in property (and other assets, as in the case of the Innovation ISA) through them.

Property does have its downside: the market is generally cyclical and will go through periods of decreasing value. While this may impact some shorter-term investors, in the long-term, property has generally been seen to increase in value.

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