A Prospectus is the key marketing and legal document that the company uses to market its shares to the public. A Prospectus must be published for all IPOs that aim to raise €5m and are made available to retail investors.

The Prospectus includes all the material information about the company and the IPO that an investor needs in order to make an investment decision. Typically, it will include (amongst other things) a description of the company’s business, a description of the company’s strengths and strategy, disclosure of historical financials for the previous three years, information about management, information relating to the market and the offer, and key risks associated with the company and the investment.

A Prospectus is published at the start of the offer period and each investor must review it ahead of investing in any company. A Prospectus is reviewed and signed off by the FCA, and the company’s directors take responsibility for its contents.