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Cambridge Capital Group is a leading business angel group of around 60 investors and private venture funds who have been investing in hi-tech businesses and backing technology start-ups in the region since 2001. Members have invested several million pounds in more than 30 live portfolio companies in the Cambridge technology cluster. Membership is an application process, usually by way of introduction through existing members.

They are a growing organisation offering a platform for private investors around the world to invest in the top European technology centre. Successes include Bookham Technology, nCipher, and AIM listings of ITM Power and Bango. More recently, portfolio company Phonetic Arts was acquired by Google in December 2010, and Ubisense listed on AIM in June 2011, giving attractive capital returns to our members.

What does the Cambridge Capital Group look for?

Cambridge Capital Group is actively investigating opportunities in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), CleanTech, Healthcare and Medtech, new Materials and Process technologies. We seek disruptive technologies in these sectors, and products that offer unique advantages to their markets.

They do not usually invest in consumer focused businesses, unless a well-differentiated project with an attractive market has been put forward by one of the members or a close associate. These need to demonstrate clear demand for their offering and preferably early market traction.

How to get in touch with the Cambridge Capital Group


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Phone: 01223 969535

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