"If a business needs more funding than friends and family can provide, but is not yet ready for a VC or institutional funding round, we might be able to help."

Charlotte Street Capital are early stage investors who typically invest from £20K to £200K of their own funds, and have put together consortiums of up to £1million.   They do not charge the companies they invest in for investment.

What does Charlotte Street Capital look for?

We’re looking for businesses with a market-validated product, where our experience can have a positive impact on the business.

We invest after ‘friends and family’ and before VC funding

We invest from £20k to £200k

We only invest in companies wholly or largely based in the UK, and like companies to be EIS eligible

When we assess early stage companies we look closely at three things:

  • Teams - we prefer teams with technical skills and more than one founder
  • Product - we don't invest unless the product is ready for market
  • Go to Market Strategy - we prefer businesses which can grow without the need to pay for customers

How to get in touch with Charlotte Street Capital

Web: http://www.charlottestreetcapital.com/

Email: [email protected]

Phone: email only

twitter: @cstreetc

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