"We help businesses with high growth potential, by connecting them with people and organisations with the right resources to enable the business to achieve its full potential."

Most Business Angel Networks concentrate on acting as a broker to facilitate equity investments.  CLC offer this service but Champions also offer Mentoring, Knowledge Angel Investments and Interim Management.  Champions will also deliver public funded business support initiatives and offer consultancy to organisations who want assistance with Business Incubation and Business Angel Networks.

Connect London is a not for profit company limited by guarantee and will be reliant on sponsors, public sector delivery contracts, success fees, consultancy and volunteer mentoring.

What does the Connect London Network look for?

Connect look for opportunities across all industries with the exception of the film industry. The Connect London Business Angel network will invest anywhere up to £3 million into any single startup though this is only for startups that exhibit great potential.

Beyond financial investment, Connect look to provide their startups with mentoring, networking, and will even help their startups obtain startup loans.

How to get in touch with the Connect London Network

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (0)207 036 3991

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