Go Beyond

Go Beyond Investing is a Fintech company transforming angel investing into a new scalable asset class for small and large, novice to experienced investors.

It offers a unique deal platform, portfolio tools, syndication/pooling, due diligence, investment monitoring services, training and certified deal leaders. Its clients are individuals, family offices, professional groups and corporations. It is active in the EU, Switzerland and the US.

What does Go Beyond Investing look for?

Go Beyond seeks companies with the following qualifying criteria

  • Seeking financing of €100,000 – €2 million within six to nine months and having already received prize money or funds from family, friends or government programmes

  • From one of the following industries: environment, health, education, food, housing, services, medtech, biotech, technology or luxury. We do not invest in pharma

  • Based in a country in which we are currently present: France, Switzerland, UK, Italy, Poland, neighbouring EU countries or US

  • With products, services or business models that adhere to the principles of Triple Bottom Line Business Sustainability: People, Planet, Profit

How to get in touch with Go Beyond Investing

Web: www.go-beyond.biz

Email: Contact form

Phone: +41 44 586 00 98

twitter: @gobeyondinvest

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