Invent Network

The Invent Network brings together investors and entrepreneurs who are looking for funding of between £50k and £2m - for their exciting, high growth potential opportunities.

The invent network has in excess of 100 investors most of whom are known to us personally and all are actively investing. We do not have members who are professionals whose interest is in selling you their services.

For the entrepreneur, our clients, we will maximise their chance of success in the shortest time scales at the lowest cost.

What does the Invent Network look for?

The invent network only presents the highest quality of deal, both in terms of the opportunity and in terms of their 'deal readiness'.

We ask our panel of 15 experienced business angels to score each opportunity on three criteria - the deal, the people and the idea. We know from an analysis of at least 100 past deals that scores above a certain level indicate a deal is almost guaranteed to raise funds. We will only present deals that consensus tells us are the best.

How to get in touch with the Invent Network


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Phone: +44 (0)1491 571352

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