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"The Juno Syndicate is a network of investors managed by EIS specialists, Juno Capital."

The Juno Syndicate is an angel investor group, based in London with members across the UK. Juno Syndicate is relatively new, but members have invested in several entrepreneurial ventures over the past few years.

The group is an independent consortium of individual angel investors. Juno Syndicate will typically invest between £500,000 and £2,000,000 in early stage companies, and syndicate deals with other angel group partners and other investors up to £3 million.

Our members' experience and networks mean that the group is receptive to a wide variety of industry sectors. Our strength lies in our ability to pool money to make large investments, mentor entrepreneurs and make introductions that can help accelerate growth.

The Juno Syndicate is not a fund. Juno Capital undertakes due diligence but individual members make their own investment decisions. Each member makes their own review of the information, including meeting with representatives of the company.

What does the Juno Syndicate look for?

Juno Capital invests in unquoted companies that have an established proof of concept and are poised for growth. We will invest in multiple industries including healthcare and Internet/web services. We avoid investments that require significant additional capital before the product gets to market.

We do not make rushed decisions and prefer to gain comfort from a management team over many interactions with the team. Often the best time to approach us is between investment rounds so that a relationship can be built without the pressure of imminent deadlines.

You can read more about their criteria here.

How to get in touch with the Juno Syndicate Angel Network

Web: http://www.junosyndicate.co.uk/

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 020 3011 0783

twitter: @junocapital

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