Par Equity"We bring a pragmatic, hands on investment approach and extensive business experience to investment opportunities with the potential for significant returns."

Par aims to provide Investors with access to a range of investment possibilities that are developed under the Par Equity umbrella. The model targets innovative, high return investment opportunities where Par can add significant value.  Par executives and Par Advisers invest in fund opportunities, aligning their interests with those of the external investors.

Par Equity invests as a managed fund (Par Innovation Fund I LP) and as the co-ordinator of a business angel syndicate (The Par Syndicate) and has recently launched the Par Syndicate EIS Fund, which will invest alongside the Par Syndicate.

What does Par Equity look for?

Par invests in small innovative companies with high growth potential.

They prefer a company that can demonstrate the means to keep ahead of the competition by doing what they do better, more quickly or more efficiently than their competitors.

A complete management team, polished business or product plan, or approved patents are not prerequisites for Par to become involved.

How to get in touch with Par Equity


Email: [email protected]

Phone: (0)131 556 0044

twitter: @ParEquity

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