Ranworth Capital

"Ranworth Capital is a provider of seed, venture, mezzanine and expansion capital to small and medium enterprises"

In contrast with many private equity firms that invest on behalf of third party investors, Ranworth Capital invests exclusively with its own funds. As a consequence this means that we are not rigid in our approach but can work in partnership with our investee companies with a high degree of flexibility

We back outstanding management teams who run organisations that possess a unique advantage through innovative products, processes or technology. We strive to provide our partners with the resources to succeed whether by provision of capital to pursue growth opportunities or long-term investment in product development. We can also provide support in terms of experience, contacts and strategic focus.

What does Ranworth Capital look for?

Driven by the challenge of fostering growth, employment and innovation in the UK, with a focus on both domestic and international markets, we are not sector-specific and our activities span a wide field which includes engineering, high technology instrumentation, food manufacturing, creative and digital media, bio medical devices, information technology and communications.

First and foremost we back people who can demonstrate:

  • Ambition, vision, passion and knowledge
  • Ability to tactically execute business plans
  • Competitive advantage
  • Proven demand for products or services
  • High growth potential
  • Ability to utilise capital effectively
  • Strategic fit

How to get in touch with Ranworth Capital

Web: http://ranworthcapital.com/

Email: Contact form

Phone: +44 (0) 1342 778000

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