In December and January SyndicateRoom added four new startups to the Access EIS portfolio, investing alongside super angels in each case (for more on our super angels, and our co-investment model, see our dedicated page). Find out more about our fund, Access EIS, or read about our new portfolio companies below.


"ID Ward is a decentralised advertising platform that allows accurate targeting, retargeting and attribution without personal data. It uses a patent-pending identity technology and on-device machine learning to collect, aggregate and anonymise data on the consumer device.

As websites and apps prepare for the shift to a world where "cookies" are no more, ID Ward's solution helps publishers and advertisers reclaim lost audiences while protecting individuals' privacy.

It's built around the Open Garden, a new environment that combines the best of Walled Gardens and Open Web in a privacy-first way: addressable audiences and accurate profiles with no personal data. Using anonymous data and decentralised identities, it offers a marketing approach that will facilitate marketing

Digital marketing and privacy have long been seen as a zero-sum game, but changing regulations and the moves of Apple and Google are fundamentally reshaping this trillion-dollar market. “The media industry must promote new approaches to personal data management“ says Dr Mattia Fosci, ID Ward’s co-founder and CEO. “Decoupling marketing effectiveness from personal data is the only way to stop mass surveillance without negatively impacting publishers and broadcaster business.”

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Our angel partner in the round has a weighted IRR of 37% and has invested in Novastone, ScreenCloud, and RotaGeek, to name a few.

Total Round: approx. £1,100,000.

Stage: Pre-revenue.

oxford drug design

"Oxford Drug Design, an advanced spinout from Oxford University, is an innovative biotechnology company discovering and developing novel therapeutics supported by pioneering computational methods.

It is discovering new drugs with differentiated modes of action against challenging diseases with high unmet medical need. Based on a core competence platform in tRNA synthetase enzymes and distinctive AI/ML methods, its pipeline expansion is focused on oncology.

Computer-aided drug discovery

Based on the pioneering work at Oxford University of Prof. Graham Richards, Oxford Drug Design has spent many years developing a diverse, proprietary toolkit of powerful virtual screening, ligand-based and structure-based drug design technologies. It applies its custom-developed AI/ML tools specifically to each drug discovery effort rather than trying to solve every problem in the same way.

New approach against cancer

Oxford Drug Design is applying its expertise in chemistry and biology on tRNA synthetases to design and develop novel agents against cancer.

tRNA synthetases are involved in regulating pathways that are used by cancer cells to drive their proliferation. We are therefore strongly positioned to build on our expertise and advance efficiently in the area, supported by our machine learning capabilities.

There are many potential applications in cancer, with our initial indications being in lung and colorectal tumours."

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Our angel partner in the round has a weighted IRR of 66% and has invested in Geospock, Healx, and Gelmetix, among others.

Total Round: approx. £950,000.

Stage: Post-revenue.


"Founded by Lorna Watson, a trained goldsmith and designer with 25 years expertise in the luxury goods industry, STELAR is the realisation of a vision to restore age-old artisanal techniques and bring them to the forefront of today's international marketplace.

Working directly with artisans in Bali to create unique, hand-woven and hand-crafted accessories that have history and meaning, STELAR is re-imagining indigenous skills that have been passed down from generation to generation to create long-term positive impact and sustainable livelihoods within the communities that most rely upon them.

STELAR is a positive impact accessories brand that reflects a new generation of social entrepreneurs, driven by a mission to re-define the concept of luxury, while balancing people and purpose. It works in collaboration with artisan communities in Bali to re-imagine ancient weaving techniques, creating exceptional quality, hand-woven bags and accessories using locally sourced natural, raw materials, designed and made to last.

Traceability is at the heart of what it does. Every hand-crafted item is accompanied by a unique digital code, connecting you to the origins of your bag and the artisan who created it."

Our angel partner in the round has a weighted IRR of 38% and has invested in Bulb, Mrs Wordsmith, and Rated People, amongst others

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Total Round: approx. £500,000.

Stage: Pre-revenue.


"The SPOKE app consists of music and lyricism-led mindfulness sessions aimed at helping the world's most creative, active minds feel at ease. It brings together lo-fi beats, ambient sounds and proven mindfulness techniques in a personalised audio experience led by some of the world's most talented lyricists and producers.

Created in its own East London studio, SPOKE provides a slice of audio escapism. Each soothing episode features music and spoken word by some of the UK’s best producers and rising artists – who have been trained by neuroscientists, psychologists and therapists. Each episode is a meditation created for music lovers who would like to improve mental and emotional health.

After each episode, you will level up your ‘skills’, ‘psych’ and ‘sound’ knowledge and embark on a journey to unlock hundreds of new episodes. Every day is a new adventure into your own mind.

The highly personalised app experience ensures each episode is effective in bringing your brain into a healthy state, teaching you science-backed mindfulness and therapy techniques to improve your mindset, sleep better and reduce stress.

THe free to use app includes more than 7+ hours of world class audio.""

Our angel partner in the round has a weighted IRR of 42% and has invested in Dojo, Primary Bid, and Elvie, among others.

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Total Round: approx. £1,500,000.

Stage: Pre-revenue.

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