Our quarterly portfolio performance results are now available! Our 2020 cohort is up by 47%, our 2021 cohort up by 42%, and our 2022 cohort, which is just ramping up, is up by 6%. It's still very early days for our 2023 cohort, so we'll provide an update on this once a little more time has passed.

Here are a few of the key performers showing the mix of highs and lows in the Access portfolio across all cohorts. Read on for more details on some of the specific companies.

a table showing performance details of companies in the Access EIS Fund portfolio.

Over the coming months, we'll be speaking to the founders of a selection of the companies shown here, and others in the Access EIS portfolio, about their individual sectors, their expectations for the future, and any insights they might have into attaining and sustaining growth as a small business.

Here's a little more on some of the companies from the portfolio:


Lab-1 branded image.

Lab-1 provides businesses with data and insights from hidden and difficult to reach communities. Its AI Platform collects and analyses all exposed data, providing clients with a single view of all data risk across the full supply chain.

Lab-1's share price has increased by 110% since our investment in 2022

Recent wins:

  • In September 2023 Lab-1 announced a partnership with Nexor and Craft.co to provide a new supply chain security service to defence, government, and law enforcement agencies in the UK, with a particular focus on the cascading effects of data leaks from ransomware.

  • Hit fundraise targets in 2023.

Slip Technology

Slip branded image.

Slip is an award-winning startup on a mission to create a global standard for digital receipts.

Its innovative technology provides a robust solution for consumers and retailers to transform transactions and receipt waste into meaningful interactions. Their mission is to create the most frictionless, sustainable and omnichannel experience available.

Slip's share price has increased by 114% since our investment in 2022

Recent wins:

  • Signed a multi-year agreement with JD Group and launched nationwide in November 2023, providing digital receipts as part of the JD Status programme.

  • Included by Sifted as 1 of the 17 B2B European SaaS startups to watch.

R.A.D. Future

Rad Footwear branded image.

R.A.D. creates performance footwear with a skate aesthetic for the CrossFit community. It's committed to breaking stereotypes about sport and training being intimidating or uninviting, and donates 1% of its annual sales to environmental causes.

R.A.D's share price has increased by 463% since our investment in 2021

Recent wins:

  • Launched a new running shoe in 2023 in 13 colourways.

  • Saw a 300% sales growth increase in 2023 over 2022.

  • Saw 350% customer growth over 2022.

Themis International Services

Themis branded image

Themis provides an end-to-end ecosystem to help businesses identify and manage their specific financial crime risks. These risks include money laundering, sanctions, bribery and corruption, fraud, and many others. Launched in 2019, its secured large clients including Dow Jones and TSB.

Themis' share price has increased by 206% since our investment in 2020

Rceent wins:

  • Expanded into Saudi Arabia in early 2024.

  • Themis Search is now the AML platform for a key UAE regulator.

  • Significant revenue booked for 2024 already representing a large proportion of total revenue for 2023.

  • Released a report ) on managing financial crime risks of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in November 2023.

Wild Hydrogen

Wild Hydrogen branded image.

Wild Hydrogen is working to produce affordable, carbon-negative-ready hydrogen. It converts biogenic material into Clear Hydrogen, simultaneously removing carbon from the atmosphere. Its technology takes a completely new approach to hydrogen production, making it more adaptable, scalable and efficient than alternatives.

Wild Hydrogen's share price has increased by 103% since our investment in 2022

  • Presented to delegation from the Department of Business and Trade in early 2024.

  • Announced a strategic partnership with Helical Energy in November 2023, who focus on the design and manufacture of specialist energy systems.

  • Achieved a key milestone in prototype construction with the 'Mini' in September 2023, 15 times larger than its predecessor and the largest of its kind in the world. It represents the final step before work begins on a commercial demonstrator.

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