About Hermann Hauser

Hermann is a speaker who doesn’t really need an introduction.

Hermann’s career includes founding Acorn computers and later leading the spin-out of ARM – a public company with almost £13 billion market cap. His work at ARM and Acorn is considered by John Scully, former Apple CEO, to have saved what is now one of the world’s most valuable companies.

Following other very successful ventures, including Active Book Company (sold to AT&T), Hermann became an active angel investor and founded Amadeus Capital Partners, one of Europe’s largest and most prolific venture capitalists.

Some of Hermann’s most successful investments so far have been:

  1. Cambridge Silicon Radio, which went on to become the world’s de facto Bluetooth standard. Amadeus Capital Partners were a lead investor and made 12 times their money during the company’s IPO
  2. Solexa, a gene-sequencing company that massively disrupted the market, taking the cost of gene-sequencing from £10 million to £1,000. Solexa sold to Illumina for £670 million
  3. Entropic Research Laboratory, a semi-conductor company, sold to Microsoft
  4. Icera, sold to Nvidia for $367 million

Hermann was also the lead investor in e-Go Aeroplanes, which recently raised £950,000 with the help of SyndicateRoom investors.

Hermann is a prolific angel and the founding partner in Amadeus Capital Partners. In the following presentation Hermann discusses entrepreneurship and science translation. What are universities for? What is the impact of technology clusters?

Watch Hermann Hauser’s presentation

All proceeds from this event went towards the Hauser-Raspe Foundation, a charity run by Hermann to advance education in IT, entrepreneurship and general business skills.