Congratulations to everyone that invested in Gun Shy – née Salty – the first-ever equity crowdfunded Hollywood movie! The film has just been released and is now available to watch via Digital Download.

Watch the trailer below.  

Directed by Simon West of Con Air, Tomb Raider and Black Hawk Down fame, the film is based on the Mark Hansell Smith's book Salty. The author worked alongside Toby Davies (That Mitchell and Webb Look, Dead Gorgeous) to help with the adaptation from the page to the big screen. The film was produced by Harry Stourton.   Gun Shy

The cast

In May 2016, Antonio Banderas was confirmed to play the film's leading role, an ageing rock star whose wife is kidnapped whilst on a holiday to South America. Bond sensation Olga Kurylenko was chosen to play Banderas' on-screen wife in June of the same year, with other notable cast members including David Mitchell and Ben Cura.


Filming began in the 'jungle' in Chile in 2017 and the film was ready for release as of January 2018; read the complete success story.

The film is now available for download on Amazon and iTunes.