As the CEO of SyndicateRoom, it’s important I disclose that I too will be investing in Fund Twenty8™.

I’m incredibly proud of the portfolio SyndicateRoom has built. Out of nearly 100 companies, only two have been put into administration, and last week – just three years after SyndicateRoom was launched – we saw our first exit made manifest in Oval Medical Technologies. While past performance is not an indicator of future performance, I think the hard facts speak for themselves.

For me, as a UK taxpayer, the EIS tax relief makes Fund Twenty8™ a welcome tax-efficient vehicle and the portfolio approach of the fund represents, in my opinion, a very compelling way to manage risk. Had I invested £10,000 into a hypothetical Fund Twenty8 at the start of 2015, my portfolio would be valued (as of July 2016) at 220% of my original investment. That’s £22,000.

For the above reasons, I too will be investing in Fund Twenty8™.

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Please note this post does not constitute advice to invest. This post is a disclosure that I too will be one of the investors in Fund Twenty8™. Investing in early-stage companies involves risks that you must understand before investing.