What first attracted you to working at SyndicateRoom?

Despite developing a real passion for law at university, I was initially attracted to working at SyndicateRoom precisely because it was something different. While I am still young, I want to explore other interests, which means looking beyond the legal sphere. Three factors in particular encouraged me to apply for the role.

First, my experience analysing companies and markets as a competition paralegal sparked my interest in the commercial world and made me want to learn more about how businesses operate in practice. Second, setting up my own business has always been a dream of mine, so the opportunity to help others do exactly that, while learning from them in the process, was a massive attraction. Finally, mathematics is a subject I have enjoyed both studying and tutoring, and I wanted to gain some exposure to it in the context of the financial industry.

After learning a bit more about the role and meeting some of the lovely staff members at interview, I knew SyndicateRoom was a fun, dynamic company that I was keen to work for.

How have you found the role so far?

The past month has been demanding at times, but mostly great fun. My role is essentially to act as the main point of contact for companies throughout their fundraising journey with us. Onboarding clients and talking them through our process via a digital live-chat presentation has been a great way for me to learn about my own responsibilities, and also creates what I believe to be a valuable connection between us and the founders with whom we work.

Something I’ve found particularly surprising is the level of emotional attachment I feel towards the companies I work closely with, especially when their proposal has some kind of wider social purpose. Reading original business ideas every day is one of my favourite parts of the job – the range of industries I investigate is immense, ranging from on-demand subscription videos to carbonated soft drinks. Quite a bit of my time so far has been spent helping companies draft their online profile, which describes their business proposal, the markets in which they operate, and the team behind the idea. The lawyer in me enjoys structuring and re-wording their own descriptions to create an investment pitch that is both compelling and legally compliant, and I have also enjoyed learning finance-related terminology when confirming companies’ monetary information, such as share price and pre-money valuation.

Each member of the SyndicateRoom staff has also recently been assigned a ‘special project’ designed to benefit the company while complementing his or her individual interests. Due to my personal attachment to law, I am currently researching the use of automation in the legal sector for the purposes of writing an article. These small additional opportunities and assignments allow me to practise skills I might not otherwise exercise working for a larger, more rigidly organised company. Not only am I learning about the latest technological advances in relation to artificial intelligence and machine learning, I am gaining a unique perspective on an industry that I plan to enter in the future.

What has been the biggest challenge so far?

One of the biggest challenges for me has been getting used to the different systems and pieces of software we use. That being said, with recent advancements in technology transforming almost every profession, I am happy to gain technical experience and feel the skills I am learning are transferable to any line of work.

How have you found SyndicateRoom as an employer?

The small size and relatively young age of SyndicateRoom puts it in stark contrast to the big City law firm I worked for previously. Although these circumstances can create difficulties, such as the absence of a structured training scheme for new employees, it also creates opportunities. For example, I am now working on creating a flowchart that future newbies in my role can turn to so that they know the order in which to do specific tasks and how to navigate the systems we use. The experience has exposed me to the unique challenges involved in designing a learning tool, such as striking the right balance between being clear and concise, and giving enough information for the guide to be of practical use.

With regard to my desire to set up my own business in the future, I believe I have joined SyndicateRoom at an exciting time. Every week, the entire workforce comes together, including our Portugal-based team via video chat, for a meeting where we discuss the direction the company is heading in and improvements that could potentially be made, as well as other strategic ideas. The opportunity to have a say in the big business decisions we make is a real honour and ensures everyone has the chance to make a meaningful contribution. Each team, ranging from marketing to tech, gives an update on what they are currently working on and the impact it will have on everyone else. This intense collaboration gives me a valuable overview of the different departments and how they relate to each other, as well as providing an environment in which I can gain precious insight into how companies operate and plan for growth during the earlier stages of their existence.

As employees, we are looked after well, with plenty of fruit and other (slightly unhealthier) goodies provided every week. Since working here, I have already been out for a Friday pub lunch with everyone, and the word on the grapevine is that an ‘Escape Room’ trip is being planned for some time soon. The top management care equally about our futures as they do about our time working for SyndicateRoom; last week, I had my development meeting in which we discussed the industries I might want to enter later on in life and how I could practise skills relevant to those professions while working here. The fact that my supervisors were happy for me to potentially manipulate my working hours to fit around a particular course is a demonstration of the genuine care they have for each individual, as well as how relaxed and flexible the company is as a whole.

Overall, I’ve had a great experience so far and am really excited to see where this role takes me.