Simon West is Crowdfunding his next film

Simon West, the British director of Tomb Raider, Con Air, and Executive Producer of Black Hawk Down, is turning his back on Hollywood finance in favour of Crowdfunding here on SyndicateRoom for his next film Salty.

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Simon West will be offering a share in the profits of his new project Salty to all members of SyndicateRoom, the fastest growing equity crowdfunding platform in the UK

Simon's films have taken more than a $1bn (£600m) at the global box office and he's worked with some of the world's most bankable stars including Angelina Jolie, Bruce Willis and Sly Stalone.

While crowdfunding a film is nothing new - the film Veronica Mars has been one of the most successful projects - equity crowdfunding for a major Hollywood film is.

(click the image below to view the funding campaign)

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With equity crowdfunding the film Salty will be different to the traditional crowdfunding model because investors can make money if the movie is a hit - they'll get equity in exchange for investment.

Simon West, the director of Salty, told Sky News that this way of funding means he has more creative freedom than if he was funded through the studio system.

He said: "When I investigated it, it sounds like a really interesting way to finance your independent film instead of going to a bank or a hedge fund.


"People invest in your project and actually become share holders so we can actually raise the money for the film with a lot of people instead of going to one financial institution and the benefit of that, for me, is that I get a lot of creative freedom because I don't really have anyone to answer to.

"So I can make the film I want to make."

To view the campaign click here.