On Thursday 20th July, SyndicateRoom opened the doors of its new HQ at The Pitt Building, Cambridge; inviting entrepreneurs from a host of different sectors to learn more about raising funds, and how to manage the complexities of intellectual property.


Founded in 2013, SyndicateRoom has rapidly grown to have more than 100 high-growth businesses in its portfolio. By relentlessly focusing on the interests of private investors, SyndicateRoom has developed a trusted reputation and has been recognised as Best Investment Platform at the Growth Investor Awards two years running.


Cambridge-based legaltech company Pekama overfunded to 200% of its original target in June 2017, raising a total of £599,081. Led by CEO and intellectual property (IP) expert Zeev Fisher, Pekama is an online platform aimed at transforming the world of IP. The company aims to offer a full solution for IP firms that want to grow their business and profits by acting as a matchmaker and collaboration facilitator in the sector.

After a bustling networking session,  SyndicateRoom’s Chief Investment Officer James Sore kicked off the event, presenting to representatives of 45 different companies. James offered tips and advice on the ups and downs of investing, from his own experiences in the financial sector, to the essential requirements for any new business. He also explained the importance of forming a thorough business plan, and the ability to adapt different aspects as a business develops. Other themes mentioned revolved around recognising the expertise within a team, and how to evaluate where a business fits within its marketplace.


Zeev Fisher presented his views on the positives and negatives of the IP management process, explaining the limitations with current legacy systems and a need for faster, more efficient working practices. Zeev demonstrated the multiple benefits of Pekama’s strategy in a digital world - to help IP owners achieve visibility, maintain their freedom of choice, and make informed decisions in relation to their Intellectual Property.


As the presentations came to a close, attendees headed to the Varsity Hotel in Cambridge for a sunny summer's evening, with drinks, networking, and a spectacular view from the Roof Terrace Bar.