Congratulations to all of the businesses below – together with the respective lead investors, the SyndicateRoom team has helped these 18 amazing businesses raise £10,000,000 in total. That’s £10 million to support inspiring innovation, from a light leisure aircraft to several medical devices that will improve the lives of many.

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As the CEO of SyndicateRoom I would like to thank you, not only for being part of this new era of UK innovation but also for supporting us in standing up for what is right – greater access to responsible investments into high-risk and potentially high-return early-stage companies.

I would also like to express a special, huge thank you to the greatest team there could be. No doubt that without them, Tom Britton and I would have never been able to achieve all of this in just under a year.

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Who said summer was a slow time for angel investing? We’ve had an electric week, indeed an electric month. In fact, the whole summer was fantastically busy at our end!

We opened the Aeristech funding round last Wednesday and they stormed to their target in less than 24 hours and, showing no signs of lag, accelerated to their overfunding threshold a few hours later. In doing so, they became our fastest close to date.

The momentum continued and just a few days later we turned the lights off on Highview, which closed a month and a half early at 193% of their target, and in closing pushed us over the £10 million threshold.

What an achievement – well done, team.