Invrep provides investor reporting and board governance tools and software to startups and SMEs. Here, Stephen Findlay, CEO of Invrep, writes about how Invrep came to be, and why the company is raising finance on an equity crowdfunding platform.

We launched Invrep in Q3 2013 with a simple mission: to do everything we can to make the life of a CEO of a startup easy and more effective.

Setting up a reporting framework for each startup, and agreeing this with investors can be timely and cumbersome. And often stops good reporting before it starts. Yet there are numerous studies, and strong anecdotal evidence, to indicate that a strong relationship between companies and investors will yield much better results for everyone.

So we set up Invrep. We take the pain out of creating a reporting framework, and managing it.  CEOs can start in just a few minutes using our easy-to-follow templates. Investors get the benefit of well-structured and timely information. Everyone's happy!

Since then, we have supported over 100 companies to interact better with their investors and board. Based on the positive feedback we’ve had, we decided it was the right time to raise additional equity finance to accelerate our growth.

We may have been able to source these funds from our existing network. Our previous experience includes over 45 years in the Private Equity and Venture Capital industries. However, we chose to go to the crowd for this finance round.

The reason is simple.

We feel we need to experience as many of the challenges that a startup has first hand. To be able to support the CEOs as effectively as possible. And right now, this includes raising money through the crowd, and interacting with shareholders previously not known to us.

We are excited at this prospect. And look forward to sharing the benefit of our crowdfunding learnings to all of the CEOs using

Invrep is currently raising finance on SyndicateRoom. You can read their profile here: /invrep

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