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Cambridge Angels

"We want to give good people with good ideas the chance to create successful new businesses."

The Cambridge Angels are not a fund or consortium, but rather a group of successful software, internet, technology and biotechology entrepreneurs who have chosen to work together to recycle some of their returns, and share the benefit of their experience with a new generation of entrepreneurs.    

They have close links to the University of Cambridge, with many of our members having studied there, but we also have a global network of contacts in our various fields of expertise as a consequence of having built numerous companies that continue to operate successfully on a genuinely global basis..

What do the Cambridge Angels look for?

The Cambridge Angels invest in solutions that address major problems for significantly large target markets (i.e. a market size of £100m+) and will individually invest from £25k up to several hundred thousand while securing a few Cambridge Angels in a singular round can mean a total raise of over £1 million.

They look for teams of high-quality entrepreneurs with a track record of leadership and performance - either in the company’s specific industry or in prior entrepreneurial ventures.

To be considered for funding by the Cambridge Angels, the first step is to ensure your company meets the following simple criteria:

  1. You are based either in the greater Cambridgeshire area, the “M11 Corridor”, or the greater London area
  2. Your business falls into one of the following three industry sectors: hi-tech, biotech, or cleantech.

How to get in touch with the Cambridge Business Angels Network



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