“Bridging the gap between investors and businesses in East Anglia”

Venta brings together investors and businesses seeking funding and is now broadening its scope by seeking to attract investment opportunities throughout the eastern region. Venta will encourage, assist and enable many businesses, entrepreneurs and funding providers to do business together.

Operating throughout the eastern region in Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk, and Suffolk, Venta specialises in helping early stage and existing small companies find equity finance and assists private investors in East Anglia search for investment opportunities in businesses with growth potential.

What does the Angel Investment Network look for?

East Anglia is been a hotbed of world-class innovation in a number of marketplaces and areas of scientific and technological research. Cambridge represents a global brand. Norfolk is a world-leading centre for life sciences and engineering excellence. Suffolk is a world-class centre for renewable energy, offshore technology, and electronic communications research. Essex is known as a centre for electronics, science, printing, automotive, transport, and pharmaceutical companies.

Fundamental Venta philosophies are to encourage new local sustainable businesses; and for locally based investors to identify profitable investment opportunities in local early stage businesses that will provide a franchise model for the rest of the UK and worldwide.

How to get in touch with the Angel Investment Network

Phone: (0)7831 163180

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