Increase your revenue with minimal effort


We help UK business angel networks, and formal and informal syndicates of investors close funding rounds using passive capital from a sophisticated network of investors. Business angels stay in control of their investment and are able to work with the company to help it succeed, whilst our members have the benefit of investing together with business angels but have no say on how the business is run.

We work in collaboration with business angel networks, helping them compete with crowdfunding websites by bringing the sophisticated individual investors to their deals.


Best fee split structure 

We act as a marketplace for business angel networks and syndicates of business angels. As such we are able to offer an amazing fee split structure to our partners. Further to this, we also clearly show which angel network or syndicate brought the deal to SyndicateRoom, increasing our partners' chances to acquire new Business Angels and to improve their deal flow.


Spend less time, make more money

For every deal our partners refer to us, they spend less than two hours of their time closing the funding round. They also get complete transparency thanks to our innovative dashboard, which allows them to see in real time how much is being invested and how much their fees will be upon completion. 

Business angel networks and other groups of business angels don't have to change their way of operating in order to take advantage of SyndicateRoom. Our platform supplements the work done by networks and increases their visibility to potential members and entrepreneurs.


How to join


Our service to business angel networks and other groups is bespoke to your needs and varies widely from network to network. Get in touch with us using the contact form or send us an email at


How it works


 how it works - BANs - simplified


1) Entrepreneurs pitch at your event

Your business model and the way you operate do not need to change in order to for your network or group to work with SyndicateRoom. Entrepreneurs pitch at your events and have to be impressive enough to attract the interest of demanding Business Angels.


2) Lead Investors agree terms of investment and commit to invest

Experienced Business Angels lead the investment round and negotiate the terms of investment with the entrepreneurs and decide how much capital they will invest. The business valuation is negotiated by the lead investors to a point they are happy to invest their own capital. As a result SR members will invest in deals with a realistic valuation rather than unrealistic valuations set by entrepreneurs alone.


3) Invite entrepreneurs to upload deal to your private section of SR website

As soon as the terms have been negotiated between the entrepreneur and the Business Angels (Lead Investors) you can invite the entrepreneur to upload the deal to your private section of SR website. This is done by inviting the entrepreneur directly from your private section. Only you and the entrepreneur can see the deal at this stage.


4) Decide who can see the deal

You are in complete control. Decide whether the deal is only going to be available to your network members only or to all SR members. The more investors see the deals, the higher the likelihood is of closing the funding round.


5) Invite investors to see the deal and invest

You are in control. You can invite all your members to join SR in order to see the deal and invest at a click of a button as co-investors with your Lead Investors. You can send the invitation to all the members of your network if they are all high-net worth or sophisticated investors, allowing your members that did not attend the pitching event to invest alongside Lead Investors from your network. Raise more funding from your members by allowing those that cannot attend your events to invest alongside your Lead Investors.


6) Follow the funding round online in complete control

After the deal is posted to investors, you will be able to monitor closely your members that have invested, how much your members have invested in total and the success fees you will be owed if the deal is successfully funded. Never lose track of your investment deals again – stay in control.


How to join

Our service to Business Angel Networks and other groups is bespoke to your needs and varies widely from network to network. Get in touch with us using the contact form or sending us an email to