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If you've ever wondered what other business angels are investing in, now is your chance to find out.  SyndicateRoom gives you the unique opportunity to discover and invest in start-ups with business angels from around the United Kingdom.

With SyndicateRoom you can diversify your portfolio with investment opportunities that come from some of the most prominent Business Angel Networks and Individual Angels in the UK who are not only bringing these deals to the table, they are investing in them as well. 


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Why invest in start-ups with SyndicateRoom?


  • Due Diligence. All opportunities to invest in start-ups on our equity crowdfunding platform have passed the detailed due diligence of lead investors who will invest a minimum of 25% of the round using their own money.
  • Your rights are protected as part of a syndicate group of investors. You get the same class of shares as the lead investors including pre-emption rights, tag-along rights, drag along rights and voting shares.
  • EIS / SEIS tax relief available through most of our deals.  When available your tax liability can be reduced by over 60% of your investment. Read more about the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme.
  • No legal hassle. After the funding round has closed we make sure you are issued your shares and ensure that you become a registered share holder with Companies House. We make equity crowdfunding easy.