Work with SyndicateRoom as an introducer


If you've spotted a great investment opportunity and need to find additional investors to help close your round then SyndicateRoom is the place for you. SyndicateRoom works with a wide range of introducers, ranging from individuals, Business Angels and Business Angel Networks to informal syndicates of investors, corporate finance houses and venture capital funds.


Close your round with the speed of the crowd


Finding the funds needed to close a funding round can be a long, painful experience. It doesn't have to be this way. With SyndicateRoom you bring the knowledge and experience and we bring the sophisticated investors to help you close your deal with the speed of the crowd.


What do you get in return?


Besides being able to close funding rounds through our platform our trusted introducers refer businesses looking for funding to SyndicateRoom and enjoy our very favourable fee structure.


How to list a deal on our platform

Our service to Introducers, Business Angel Networks and other groups is bespoke to your needs and varies widely from network to network. Get in touch with us using the contact form or sending us an email to


Who do you work with?


We are the marketplace for investors that want to invest together with Business Angels and these are some of our partners:


Cambridge Capital Group

Cambridge Capital Group is a leading business angel group of forty investors who have been investing in hi-tech businesses for more than a decade. 

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Keiretsu Forum London

Keiretsu Forum London is the UK-based arm of one of the top and largest Business Angel networks in the world.

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With 13 exits in 5 years, Midven is the leading provider of venture capital funding to both early stage and medium sized businesses in the Midlands.

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Startup Funding Club

The Startup Funding Club vision is to help every great startup raise initial seed investment up to £150,000.

The tax benefits of SEIS (Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme) for investors are the best in the world and have helped to create an entrepreneurial environment in the UK that is second to none.

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Fast Forward Funding Programme

The Fast Forward Funding Programme (FFFP) is designed to enable applicants to be introduced to an array of proactive funding sources by a learning based process which increases the knowledge and skill base of the applicant prior to seeking finance.

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