Close deals with the help of sophisticated angel investors


Whether you're looking for additional investors to close a round for a company you've discovered or you're interested in investing in new opportunities discovered by other angel investors and angel syndicates, SyndicateRoom is the platform of choice for the UK's leading business angel investors.

SyndicateRoom's unique take on equity investing brings business angels and sophisticated investors together to help close funding rounds faster.


Who do we work with?


Individual angel investors

Individual angel investors work with SyndicateRoom and not only will we help you close your funding round faster, we'll share our fees. Alternatively you can use our platform to help diversify your portfolio by investing in open rounds with like-minded investors.


Business angel networks

If you've got open funding rounds on the table, we've got a sophisticated crowd of investors looking for great opportunities. Our model leverages investor capital to allow angel syndicates to close rounds faster and participate in larger rounds. We are the only equity investing platform built to work with you, not as your competition.


Business angel syndicates

Does the deal you're looking to close need that last 25%? Let SyndicateRoom's members fund the gap. Our members receive the same class of shares and the same price per share as you, and can use your investment documents, saving the hassle of renegotiations.


Venture capital funds

Who'd have thought a VC and an equity investing site could work together so well. Bring an open deal to our table and our sophisticated investors will help you close it without renegotiating the terms or challenging your role as lead investor or investment director.



We can help close funding rounds for companies that have completed your programme by connecting them with business angels, and later to our network of sophisticated investors. We can manage the funding round for you.


How to list a deal on our platform


Our service to introducers, business angel networks and other groups is bespoke to your needs and varies widely from network to network. Get in touch with us using the contact form or send us an email to


Why business angel investors choose SyndicateRoom



Close with the help of sophisticated investors: With SyndicateRoom you can you list your round knowing there is a network of sophisticated investors and other business angel investors looking to invest in high-potential startups.


Maintain control of your deal: At SyndicateRoom, the follow-on investment is passive, so you get an active group of investors and don't have to worry about your spot on the board.


EIS/SEIS tax relief: The majority of deals on our platform offer either SEIS or EIS tax relief to our investors.