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SyndicateRoom will take care of the paperwork related to your EIS and SEIS submissions. After experience of working with over 100 companies we can help you save time and money. We have digitised many of the steps and will help you each step of the way.

EIS & SEIS advance assurance

Before your round we can help you apply for EIS & SEIS advance assurance

Submit EIS application to HMRC

After the round we can submit your EIS1 to HMRC

EIS paperwork

On receipt of the EIS3s we can take care of the paperwork and post them to investors

Save money on your paperwork

Save money and avoid the paperwork

Full-service package

Our full-service package is intended to make your fundraise as pain-free as possible. It includes:

  • (S)EIS advance assurance application
  • (S)EIS1 application
  • (S)EIS3s completion and distribution

All for a flat price of £500 per round. Interested?

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What is (S)EIS advance assurance?

Advance assurance is a document issued by HMRC to give investors an indication and some trust that your round will be eligible for (S)EIS – a major tax incentive for early-stage investors.

To apply for advance assurance, you must submit information to HMRC regarding your company and the structure of your funding round, following which it tends to take four to five weeks for the application to be approved. HMRC may ask for clarification on certain points, which can delay the application process.

We know that for young businesses, every day counts – that's why it's so important to get your application right upfront. SyndicateRoom can help you with submitting this crucial application.

(S)EIS1 application

Once your funding round is successfully completed and shares are issued, an application must be sent to HMRC asking to grant investors (S)EIS tax relief. This is referred to as an (S)EIS1.

Once you have submitted your (S)EIS1 to HMRC, it will take four to 12 weeks from the receipt of the application for it to be approved. If approved, HMRC will return an EIS2 and EIS3s for each investor, which you must then complete.

If you use SyndicateRoom, we take care of the (S)EIS1 application for you and populate online copies of the EIS3s, send them for you to sign online, and mail these on to your investors.

(S)EIS3s forms

These are the certificates investors need to attach to their tax return in order to claim tax relief. After your (S)EIS1 has been processed, HMRC will send you blank (S)EIS3 forms to complete and pass on to every investor in the round.

If you use SyndicateRoom, we'll complete the (S)EIS3s for you and send them to your investors.

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