About Draper Esprit EIS

The Draper Esprit EIS fund mainly targets late-stage, scale up-deals, involving companies with between £2m and more than £20m in revenues, and high growth rates. The target portfolio size is eight-12 qualifying companies each year and the minimum subscription is £25,000, which Draper aims to invest within a year to 18 months of each close. In the past five years, Draper Esprit has delivered 22 profitable exits, with a combined value of more than $3bn.

Draper Esprit EIS Summary

Fund Manager: Draper Esprit EIS
Tax Efficiency: EIS
Sector Focus: Sector Agnostic
Stage Focus: Early-stage
Target Portfolio Size: 8 - 12 companies
Minimum Subscription: £25,000
Closing Date: Evergreen
Website: Learn more about Draper Esprit EIS

About Draper Esprit

Draper Esprit invests in European technology companies, seeking out high-growth companies which offer powerful technology and have solid management teams. The companies Draper Esprit looks for operate in new markets and have the potential for global expansion, along with strong margins, to ensure sustainable growth. The company offers investors access to private companies at the point when they are in their high-growth phase, have proven that their idea works and are ready to take the next step.

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